S*Shantaram's Ricochet is a black Maine Coon born 26. october 2014. He and three other of the seven kittens in the litter developed a flat chest when they were about five weeks old. Ric is the only one that didn't get better growing up, his chest was still flat at five months old and his heart rate and breathing were faster than they should have been. The only alternative if we wanted to try to save his life was to try surgery. We were lucky to find a skilled surgeon that was willing to give it a chance, he did a fantastic job and Ric recovered completely. It was an easy decision not to sell him, and I haven't regretted it once. He is very special, an old soul, and I spoil him way too much. He knows he has me wrapped around his little paw..




Yassa is born on october 26, 2013 and she is Ric's sister. A beautiful gentle girl who is the mother of our Game of Thrones-litter. Yassa is now neutered and has moved to a new loving home.





Grålle was born in November 2011, a very nice and calm boy with a fantastic clear silver colour. The plan was that Grålle would be our breeding male but unfortunately his hip x-rays showed HD so he is now enjoying life as a neuter male.





CH S*IsaRos Lynx Red Hot Chili Pepper, or Chili as he is called at home, is a red tabby Maine Coon. He is the big boss around here, he rules the neighbourhood together with his minion Spooky. Indoors Chili is a very relaxed and cozy tiger, but still the boss and the others wouldn't think of challenging him. Chili is the father of our Van Morrison- and Dixie Chicks- litters





 Spooky came to live with us by a lucky coincidence. We were at the vet vaccinating Uma when my mother noticed two small kittens in the room next to ours. One of the kittens was there to get her first vaccination but her brother, a black shorthaired kitten was going to be put down because the owner hadn't managed to sell him. He was 8 weeks old. We took him home with us but he got a tough start with pneumonia and eye infections, but a couple of rounds of antibiotics later he was feeling better and got nursed back to health by Chili. Spooky and Chili have been inseparable ever since, he follows Chili around like a shadow and now, four years later, they are still brothers and best friends.





Whiskey is our retired breeding male and the father of our ELO-litter, he also had a few litter in other catterys. Whiskey has one of the best tempers I have ever seen in a cat, he is bothered by nothing, always cool and smooth. He is now neutered and lives with Elin in Norrtälje. 

Pictures of Whiskey





Kenya is our princess from Poland, a very active and loving girl who is the mother of our David Bowie-, Magical Herbs- and Hitchcock-litters. She is now neutered and lives with Mia's mom Eva in Finland together with two ragdolls and Skywarrior from our very first maine coon-litter.